What is licensing?
Licensing is a quick and powerful way to increase the value of your product and growing the business by leasing the rights to a brand for incorporation into your products. Having access to major national and global brands, and the logos and trademarks associated with those brands, gives your company significant benefits. The most important of these is the marketing power the brand brings to the licensee’s products. When your company enter or extend into new product categories via licensing they create an opportunity for growing their company.

By licensing and extract the elements of the brands with unique design, it can also increase the value of some traditional products and providing the consumers with additional opportunities to interact with a brand in a fresh and exciting ways.

We are dedicated to provide comprehensive brand licensing services from brand searching, negotiation, monitoring and consultation. With our excellent knowledge and strategies, our licensing services are invaluable in ensuring the success of your local and international licensing program

Licensing Services :
- Plan overall marketing and promotional events
- Support licensee on premium design, development ,manufacturing and distribution
- Assist licensees on property positioning and branding
- Matching brands for your products :

A) Well known characters/brands
-over 15years working with world class brands , well familiar the limitations and benefits of each of them.  We can suggest the most appropriate brands to fit your products.

B)    Co-develop new stars
-Some of the brands which have poor management in licensing that generate internal competition of licensees under the same categories or between different regions, consumers may be confused the image of the brands and made impact on the business.
We have been developing new stars which are unique and  exciting , by integrating them with your products throughout daily life in creative ways, success in long term will be obtained by both parties by increasing  popularity and profitability.


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