Date: Activities:
16,Oct,2011 TDM new logo!
7,Oct,2011 Handmade and Unique Jewelry Design Brand – CUNGYUNG joined TDM!
"瑽瑢" - 全人手製作手飾設計品牌加盟 TDM , 新一季產品快將推出
27 Sep 2011 Please join us to celebrate our new designer – Patricio Oliver (PO!) from Argentina.
重量級阿根廷設計師Patricio Oliver (PO!) 加盟.
7-10 July 2011 TDM@台北國際玩具創作大展2011!

6 July 2011 TDM on-line shop official launch!!!
23 June 2011 1st iPhone app – Fluffy Friends launch
10-12 March 2011 Joined the “Cross Industry Matching Showcase” (跨產業創+造配對會)

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